by Tecomate Biologist David Morris

     The state of wildlife and wildlife habitat on Rock Head Ranch is excellent.  My study shows current populations of target wildlife species, namely deer and turkey, are very good.  The Texas Hill Country is legendary for its whitetails.  Back in the 60s and 70s when I could only dream of maybe someday just SEEING a deer in my native Alabama, I read with envy about deer hunting in the Hill Country, trying to imagine what it would be like to hunt this fabled land.  In one article, the author espoused that one-tenth of all the whitetails in the world lived in the Hill Country!  While that is not the case today, it’s not because deer numbers have declined in the Hill Country but because whitetails have greatly increased their range and numbers elsewhere.  As it has been for eons, deer abound in the hills and valleys of this magical part of the Edwards Plateau!  And on RHR, that is the case all the more!  


     Few places in the U.S. offer the beauty, romance, tradition and recreational opportunities found on Rock Head Ranch.  From the magical beauty of its oak-studded hills and valleys to the perfectly suited lodge and facilities to its world-class whitetail hunting, RHR is a sterling example of the best of the Texas Hill Country, which is in itself the best of the best!  Its 4,008 acres offer boundless room to roam and to enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities on a huge slice of the Hill Country…with two of Texas’ top cities, Austin and San Antonio, only 2 hours away and historic Junction and Mason and famous Fredericksburg “just down the road a piece.”


     RHR is suitable for a variety of operations, whether ranching for cattle, horses or other livestock,  hunting whitetails, turkeys and/or exotics or just enjoying the recreational activity of your choice, like 4-wheeling, hiking, game-viewing, shed-hunting, camping, searching for Indian artifacts or just splashing around in the clear pools of Edwards Draw.  No matter the interest, RHR likely has the resources and infrastructure to support it…in a backdrop of some of Texas’ most scenic landscape.  


     Above all, however, Rock Head Ranch is a whitetail hunting ranch.  Year after year, RHR hunters take dozens of fine bucks and enjoy countless hours pursuing them in this most special place!  With prime Hill Country habitat supplemented by 13 protein feeding stations and 40 acres of food plots, thousands of acres to hunt, a herd of around 850 deer, of which almost 300 are bucks and 100 are mature, it’s no wonder RHR is considered one of the Hill Country finest whitetail properties.  Come see it for yourself! You’ll quickly see why Tecomate Properties has proudly designated Rock Head Ranch a “Tecomate Signature Property!”  


Ken Hoerster

"Because of its beauty, charm, traditions, climate and, of course, hunting and recreational opportunities, the Hill Country is growing like mad, making it increasingly rare to find such a large ranch of the quality of Rock Head so near the fast-growing cities of Austin and San Antonio."

David Morris

“It didn’t take long on Rock Head Ranch to know I was looking at a remarkable property. Everything about it spoke to the care, effort and passion owner Bill Alexander and family have put into the property during their 20-plus-years of stewardship.  I could not imagine a better or more deserving Hill Country Ranch to bear the designation of “Tecomate Signature Property!”  

Bill Alexander

"My goal for Rock Head Ranch was to grow big deer and to share this special place with others…and to have fun doing it.  Looking back over the years, we’ve done all that.  Whether friends, family, business associates or first-time guests, nearly all have left with good memories and smiles on their faces…and more times than not, a big RHR buck in tow!"