Rock Head Ranch is a very special place, and Tecomate Properties is proud to designate it as a “Tecomate Signature Property.” 

Rock Head Ranch well qualifies as a Tecomate Signature Property!

     So, what does that mean?  A Tecomate Signature Property must meet stringent size, value and, most importantly, quality criteria.  The last – quality – is graded on 10 factors that include vertical improvements, infrastructure, habitat, game populations, current management and future potential, water resources, aesthetics, location and more.  In short, a Tecomate Signature Property is a large, well-developed, desirably located, “near-turnkey” property with well-maintained, suitable buildings and infrastructure, good habitat, pleasing aesthetics, healthy game populations and effective management either currently producing or capable of producing exceptional quality and/or numbers of target species and high recreational value.  

     RHR’s 4,008 acres are under high fence for maximum management effectiveness.  The ranch’s sprawling hills and valleys offer scenic, diverse and productive landscapes.  On the northern part of the ranch, towering limestone hills and rocky abutments frame numerous valleys opening into expansive bottomlands interspersed with fields and food plots.  The large amount of fertile valley and bottomland is unique for the area and provides opportunity for productive pastureland and/or food plots.  

     The hillier southern part of the ranch features the highly coveted “Blue Mountains,” which climb to over 2,000 feet and are laced with draws and valleys.  On the hilltops, surprisingly wide, level wooded plateaus create a productive habitat populated with oak mottes, scattered cedars and various brush species.  Through the middle of it all runs the Edwards Draw with its numerous branches, springs and pools of permanent surface water.  A good network of roads provides excellent access to all areas of the ranch.

     Conveniently located near the center of the ranch is the perfectly suited headquarters complex consisting of the main lodge, guest cabins, game processing facilities, foreman’s house and various barns and outbuildings, including a fine horse barn with an enclosed tack room.  Special care has been taken to maintain the historic Hill Country “feel” and “look” in the facilities and improvements.  The ranch was previously a working livestock ranch and is fenced into several pastures.  The ranch is still home to a small herd of cattle.  Water is abundant throughout the ranch from natural springs and pools, stock tanks and waterpoints supplied by some of the six water wells.  Whether for hunting, recreation and/or ranching, Rock Head Ranch is turnkey and ready for the new owner to step in and enjoy with family, friends and guests, thus qualifying as a Tecomate Signature Property.   

     Some may wonder where the name “Rock Head Ranch” comes from.  That was one first questions I asked Bill Alexander, the owner of the ranch for the last 20 years.  Bill jokingly first answered that his wife named the ranch after his hard-headedness.  In truth, the name came from the shape of the ranch – the map of which looks like an angular rock head, thus the name “Rock Head Ranch.”  

     "Truly the best of the Texas Hill Country, 4,008-acre Rock Head Ranch offers perfectly suited facilities, diverse habitat, miles and miles to roam, boundless recreation and, best of all, nationally renowned whitetail hunting, all set against the beautiful oak-studded backdrop of expansive valleys framed by towering hills." 

-David Morris, Tecomate Properties 


Ken Hoerster

"Because of its beauty, charm, traditions, climate and, of course, hunting and recreational opportunities, the Hill Country is growing like mad, making it increasingly rare to find such a large ranch of the quality of Rock Head so near the fast-growing cities of Austin and San Antonio."

David Morris

“It didn’t take long on Rock Head Ranch to know I was looking at a remarkable property. Everything about it spoke to the care, effort and passion owner Bill Alexander and family have put into the property during their 20-plus-years of stewardship.  I could not imagine a better or more deserving Hill Country Ranch to bear the designation of “Tecomate Signature Property!”  

Bill Alexander

"My goal for Rock Head Ranch was to grow big deer and to share this special place with others…and to have fun doing it.  Looking back over the years, we’ve done all that.  Whether friends, family, business associates or first-time guests, nearly all have left with good memories and smiles on their faces…and more times than not, a big RHR buck in tow!"