•      “Views!” is the word I’d use to best describe Rock Head Ranch.  Whether a Hill Country sunrise, a big gobbler in a bluebonnet-covered valley, a greenfield full of whitetails or a campfire canvased by every star in the universe, the “view” is always wonderful.  “Camaraderie” is another word appropriate for Rock Head.  So many precious memories of times spent and experiences shared with close friends.  Rock Head Ranch is a beautiful and special place with an unmatched success story of land stewardship and whitetail management!"

      -Bart R. Yakupzack, Jack Lawson Companies


  •      "Rock Head Ranch has plenty of turkeys, some exotics, doves, ducks and limitless places to explore and things to do, but it is first and foremost a whitetail ranch, devoted and managed to provide great hunting for big Hill Country whitetails. Speaking from experience, it does NOT disappoint!"  -David Morris, Tecomate Biologist

  •     "During his 20 years as owner, Bill Alexander has turned Rock Head Ranch into a Hill Country gem with the amenities, infrastructure and great whitetails one would expect for a world-class Hill Country whitetail hunting ranch!"  -Ken Hoerster, Texas Ranches for Sale Broker

  •      "Rock Head Ranch has been the social hub of our family since we bought it back in 1999. My kids grew up there and some of their most cherished memories are from the ranch. Now, they have families of their own and all the demands that go with it. The ranch is over 6 hours from our homes in Louisiana.  After much discussion, we decided it’s time to sell and find a place nearer home we can use more often.  We’ll never replace Rock Head but selling is now the right thing for our family." -Bill Alexander, Seller


  •      “The natural beauty, topnotch amenities and world-class hunting on Rock Head Ranch are second to none.  On my first hunt there, this Mississippi boy saw more big bucks than I’d ever seen in my life!  Over the last 12 years, I have been blessed to return every year to share this special place with my wife, family and friends.  While Rock Head Ranch is truly a premier hunting destination, enjoyable things to see and do are available any time of the year in the surrounding Hill Country and its historic towns.  Unique shopping in nearby Fredericksburg, live music at Luckenbach, authentic Texas barbeque in Junction and more are all just short drives away for those who choose to venture off the ranch.  Personally, I prefer to never leave once there! Yes, I am passionate about this place and thank the Alexanders for sharing it.  The Good Lord did some of His best work on Rock Head Ranch!"  -Bob Lyle, Molpus Woodlands Group

  •      "I’ve hunted whitetails and turkeys all over the U.S., but no place compares to the unique diversity, beauty and quality of Rock Head Ranch!  And it’s not just a hunting paradise; it’s a great corporate retreat as well as a destination for the whole family to enjoy the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  My son Daniel and I thank our dear friends the Alexanders for so many great hunts and memories on Rock Head.  It will always be a special place for us!"  -JD Neeley, Neeley Forestry Service

  •       "Whether the goal is ranching for livestock or hunting trophy whitetails, Rock Head Ranch is ready for its new owner to step in and start enjoying this phenomenal ranch."  -David Morris, Tecomate Biologist


  •      "I’ve hunted deer and turkeys on Rock Head Ranch for some 20 years.  While the deer hunting is great, my greatest passion is chasing the ranch’s many Rio Grande turkeys.  And what an amazing place to do it!  From the beautiful hilltop vistas to the acorn-rich bottoms to the open meadows filled with springtime blue bonnets, Rock Head is the best place I’ve ever hunted turkeys.  The lodge is topnotch and has the feel and comfort of home.  Rock Head is a place of amazing experiences, memories and camaraderie with friends gathered around a campfire, cooking out, picking a guitar on the porch, fishing, lounging around the cool spring-fed creeks or just cruising around taking in the majestic scenery." -Jason A. Green, Hunt Oil Company


Ken Hoerster

"Because of its beauty, charm, traditions, climate and, of course, hunting and recreational opportunities, the Hill Country is growing like mad, making it increasingly rare to find such a large ranch of the quality of Rock Head so near the fast-growing cities of Austin and San Antonio."

David Morris

“It didn’t take long on Rock Head Ranch to know I was looking at a remarkable property. Everything about it spoke to the care, effort and passion owner Bill Alexander and family have put into the property during their 20-plus-years of stewardship.  I could not imagine a better or more deserving Hill Country Ranch to bear the designation of “Tecomate Signature Property!”  

Bill Alexander

"My goal for Rock Head Ranch was to grow big deer and to share this special place with others…and to have fun doing it.  Looking back over the years, we’ve done all that.  Whether friends, family, business associates or first-time guests, nearly all have left with good memories and smiles on their faces…and more times than not, a big RHR buck in tow!"